January 28, 2020

Jessi Says Kim Jong Kook Is Her Type + His Mom Shares She’d Be Thrilled To Have Her As Daughter-In-Law

By elstartt1001

Jessi and Kim Jong Kook’s mom hit it off on the most recent scene of “My Ugly Duckling”!

On the September 27 transmission of the SBS theatrical presentation on nonton drakor baru, Jessi showed up as a unique MC. After the MCs acquainted Jessi with the board of big name mothers, Kim Jong Kook’s mom enthusiastically referenced that she had met her once previously.

“A long time back, we met at a boutique,” said Kim Jong Kook’s mother, adulating the artist for her benevolent and deferential way. “In those days, I didn’t have the foggiest idea who Jessi was, however she quickly got up to welcome me, asking me, ‘You’re Jong Kook’s mom, right?'”

Jessi proceeded to stack acclaim on Kim Jong Kook, uncovering, “I know Jong Kook truly well, and he’s such an ideal person. Jong Kook is the kind of fellow I like. He’s masculine, and he couldn’t care less a lot about his appearance. That is the sort of fellow I like.”

In any case, Jessi included that he has one tragic defect. “Everything he accomplishes is work out,” she bemoaned. Website design enhancement Jang Hoon called attention to that Kim Jong Kook had said he may be happy to scale back his rec center time on the off chance that he discovered somebody he loved, however Jessi deviated, clarifying, “He’s been working out like that for more than 20 years now. At this point, it’s a propensity [he won’t have the option to fix].”

“In any case, as far as appearance and character, he’s absolutely my sort,” she proceeded.

Website design enhancement Jang Hoon then asked Kim Jong Kook’s mother what she thought of Jessi as a little girl in-law, to which she joyfully answered, “I’d be excited [to have her as a girl in-law]!”