March 2, 2020

5 Myths And Facts About Skincare You Need To Know

By elstartt1001

There are a series of myths and facts circulating about skin beauty. Starting from the procedure for cleaning the face to the skincare sequence, everything feels so confusing.

In order not to mistakenly care for the skin, you must be very clever to sort out information circulating about skincare and makeup.

Especially for you, we have talked with Dr. Maria Charlotte, BMedSci, to discuss the myths and facts that circulate about skin beauty. Anything?

Myth: Oily skin does not need to use moisturizer or moisturizer.
Fact: Entering the age of 20 years, Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) on human skin slowly decreases. For oily or dry skin, it is very important to hydrate or maintain water levels in the skin using a moisturizer.
“Moisturizer do not forget, it’s mandatory. Look for one that suits your skin condition. We need a lotion from the early 20s,” the dermatologist said when found on the Home Kitchen some time ago.

Myth: Exfoliate needs to be done every day so that the skin is not dull.
Fact: Over-exfoliate actually has a bad impact on the skin. “If every day can actually cause irritation. The skin becomes thinner, because the top layer is eroded. Exfoliating once a week is enough,” she explained.

Myth: The higher the SPF, the more effective it is to protect the skin.
The fact is, SPF in high levels does not mean that it can protect the skin better. The number on Sun Protection Factor (SPF) refers to how long suncreen gives active protection to your skin.
In addition, the high and low SPF should be adjusted to the needs of the skin.
“The sun is dangerous to the skin from eight in the morning until it goes down. The use of the SPF should be repeated every three hours. If you have a lot of outdoor activities, you can use SPF 50, if the SPF office worker 30 is enough,” explained the doctor who practices at ID Beauty Clinic.

Myth: Indonesian skin is stronger against sun exposure.
The fact: There is truth. Melanin in the skin of Asians, especially Indonesians, is higher than America and Europe. This natural pigment protects the skin from the evil effects of UV rays, so the risk of skin cancer is smaller.
High levels of melanin make Indonesian women’s skin darker than European women.

Myth: Clean is when the skin feels rough after washing your face.
The fact: Not always. “After the taste after washing is not important. What must be considered is the content of the facial washing soap that you choose, is in accordance with the needs and what skin types have not,” she said.