Heat-lowering Compresses And Other Ways To Deal With Fever

Besides helping to lower body temperature, cold compresses can also relieve headaches, pain, and even swelling in your body.

Another way to reduce heat
In addition to using a heat-lowering compress, you can also do a number of other things to reduce heat, such as:

1. Drink water regularly
Fever can cause decreased fluid in your body. Therefore, make sure you are well hydrated by drinking enough water. Did you know that every 1 degree increase in fever temperature, you will lose 10 percent of body fluids so that lost body fluids need to be replaced.

2. Get enough rest
Fever is a sign that your body is fighting infection. This will be very energy-draining. So make sure you get enough rest.

3. Take a warm shower
You are also advised to take a shower using warm water or lukewarm. The reason is, taking a shower using cold water will actually make you shiver.

4. Don’t use layered clothing
Although fever can sometimes make you feel cold, you are advised not to use layers of clothing because it can make heat in your body trapped and your body temperature can increase.

In addition, you can also take fever-lowering medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Especially for children and adolescents, it is not recommended to take medication containing aspirin to reduce heat.

Four Factors Affecting Human Health

In the medical world, almost all human health problems are caused by four factors, namely genetic or hereditary factors, environment, health services, and lifestyle. Likewise, the way to handle the four factors cannot be denied.

Among these factors the easiest to anticipate is the human lifestyle. This factor is in direct contact with the lifestyle of each individual who actually can be regulated as well as possible.

The Chairperson of the Jombang National Hospital’s Medical Committee, Doctor Nur Lailatur Riza explained that in the lifestyle factor there are several patterns. One must be able to know the patterns as a whole. The pattern in question is eating patterns, sleep patterns, and mindset. All patterns must be regulated and used equally. “If you want everything healthy, of course you have to be balanced,” he explained when met by NU Online at the local hospital on Wednesday (6/11). No less important, one must regulate balanced sleep patterns. Even though so far there are many people who don’t get enough rest, because a lot of work needs to be done. This condition is actually not good, even very disturbing to his health.

There are certain cycles to manage the time one has to move and the time must rest. The best rest time, according to him, is done at night after a lot of one’s organs are used to do activities during the day. This needs to be done routinely in order to maintain one’s physical health. “Every human being has a circandian or cycle of time, at night he must rest because at that time important or vital organs in the body work harder. So it turns out, if during the day we have more physical activity out, if at night there are organs in in the body more work, “he said.

At least when humans are resting (sleeping), especially at night, the function of the liver, kidneys, and intestinal digestion is more able to work harder to detox the poisons in the body. “So if we wake up in the morning we often want to pee, chaps and so on. Because we have to remove poisons that have been detoxified at night,” he said.

5 Main Benefits Of Water For Body Health, Meet Your Needs

Every function, all cells and organs in the human body need water. Water that is healthy for the body is water. That is the reason why the benefits of water are very important. Here are some of the benefits of water that is good for the health of the human body that has been successfully summarized Liputan6.com from various sources, Monday (11/3/2019).

1. Improve the performance of brain power and provide energy

One of the benefits of water that is very important for the body is able to increase brain power. As it is known that the human brain is made of 73% water. Consuming lots of water will benefit the brain.

The benefits of water for the brain will make you more focused, easy to think, concentrate and stay awake or alert. It will also affect energy levels throughout your body. The benefits of water provide energy so you will not feel dehydrated. Lack of water can dehydrate your brain.

2. Help remove toxins in the body

You who consume food and drinks will certainly produce pulp or toxins in the body. The benefits of water here will help remove these toxins.

Water is a helper to remove the toxin from your body and get rid of substances that are at risk for health through sweating. Not only sweat, the benefits of water also help smooth the disposal of toxins through urine. This makes the body avoid kidney stone disease.

3. Good for skin health

The next benefit of water is to maintain the freshness of the skin. By consuming water will have an effect on your skin. Your skin will not look dry and easily wrinkled. Water helps to moisturize the skin, make skin become skin and wrinkle wrinkles.

Human skin, including the natural organs of the body. So it is important to look after it. Based on UW Health, if you consume less water, the skin will look dry, not tight and scaly resulting in wrinkles.

4. Increase and strengthen the immune system in the body

Other important benefits of water for the body are to help improve and strengthen the immune system. Immune that functions as the immune system will be healthy. Consuming a lot of water, the immune system becomes stronger.

Water will carry oxygen to the body’s cells so that the system runs smoothly and water can cleanse harmful toxins from the body because the kidneys are performing smoothly and well. The benefits of water are also proven to reduce the risk of bladder cancer.

5. Relieve fatigue, improve mood and relieve headaches

There is a possibility of fatigue and lethargy in the body if the body lacks fluids or signs of dehydration. Therefore it is important for you to consume water. If your body lacks fluids, then the pacemaker will work harder so the tissues in the body are not functioning optimally.

The benefits of water can also improve one’s mood. Dehydration will affect the mood and mood of a person to be down and not excited. With adequate fluid intake, the mood will return positive.

Dehydration also affects headaches. According to Europea Journal of Neurology, consumption of enough water will relieve dehydration so that it helps reduce pain in the head.

Thus the benefits of water that you can feel. Consuming lots of water will not have any side effects on your body. One easy and inexpensive way to keep your body healthy is to drink lots of water.

5 Reasons Why Your Skin Care Routine Is Important

1. Our skin sheds itself day by day – You may think your skin is sound today, however did you know your skin cells shed pretty much each moment of consistently? This implies the solid skin you have today will shed tomorrow, so in the event that you couldn’t care less for it now you could lose it to dull, not exactly flawless skin. Isn’t that an incredible motivation to build up a day by day healthy skin schedule? A detoxifying charcoal cover is an extraordinary method to evacuate the dead skin and keep your skin shining.

2. All skin types are extraordinary – Perhaps you have a companion who doesn’t have a healthy skin routine and her skin looks incredible. Well that is incredible for her, however did you realize that all skin types are extraordinary? Along these lines, your skin may require more consideration than the following people. Thus an every day healthy skin routine is significant. We love that Lemongrass Spa offers an adjustable skincare pack that is most appropriate for your skin type and needs.

3. Lovely skin is a long lasting procedure – If you need perfect skin quite a while from now, the decisions you make today will enable that to occur. Excellent skin is a deep rooted procedure, and building up a day by day healthy skin schedule today can assist you with saving wonderful skin for what’s to come. Simultaneously, negative healthy skin schedules presently can hurt your skin for what’s to come.

4. Anticipation is simpler – Preventing potential skin issues presently is simpler than attempting to fix skin issues later on. Setting aside the effort to include yourself in a healthy skin routine day by day takes less time than seeing dermatologists or address skin issues because of disregard down the line.

5. A healthy skin routine sets aside you cash – When you deal with your skin wellbeing, you keep away from issues down the line that can be exorbitant. On the off chance that you would prefer not to manage skin break out scars, profound wrinkles, skin staining, or other skin issues, a healthy skin routine presently can forestall outings to a dermatologist or plastic specialist later on to address these issues.

Is it true that you are persuaded now to give your healthy skin schedule a subsequent look? There is no time like the present to build up a healthy skin schedule that works for you and can keep your skin looking and feeling astonishing for a considerable length of time to come!